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PRESS RELEASE: Homemade Sin Autumn Tour

Due to health issues, Dan Baird has unfortunately had to withdraw for touring for the remainder of 2017.  At Dan’s personal invitation Joe Blanton will join Homemade Sin as guest frontman for the rest of the year.  Joe is well known to fans of Homemade as a member of Nashville rock band The Bluefields formed by Joe, Dan and Homemade Sin lead guitarist Warner E. Hodges.

The format of the forthcoming shows will continue to revolve around HMS and Georgia Satellites material, but will also include a   fistful of classics from Warner’s original band Jason & The Scorchers classics along with some new specially selected covers.

Despite Dan’s absence, Homemade Sin’s Autumn 2017 shows are assured to be a rollercoaster ride of world class, kick-ass, rock ‘n’ roll.

For further information please email Mick Brown

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As many of you already you know Dan will be off the road for the remainder of 2017 due to health issues. On Dan’s personal invitation Bluefields and Royal Court of China frontman, Joe Blanton is stepping-up to the plate to front Homemade Sin for the rest of the year. Although we expect the majority currently scheduled shows to happen it is inevitable that some promoters pull out and we will lose dates as a result of Dan’s absence.  In order to ensure that the autumn tour goes ahead as planned, we are rush releasing a new CD as a ‘tour support crowd funder’ to help cover any shortfalls caused by gig cancellations. 

The Red Wristband Special features the first set from Dan Baird & Homemade Sins recent show at Bootleggers in Kendal, UK, recorded on July 26, 2017. The CD also features four bonus studio tracks. The CD will ship late August. 

Help us keep Homemade Sin on the road and pre-order The Red Wristband Special now.

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A Message From Dan Baird

Gang, DB has to take the rest of the year off to remove his blood cancer (CLL). Treatment and recovery will hopefully be concluded by the new year. Can’t say for certain exactly when, but that’s the first extra broad stroke diagnosis. I want this crap gone ASAP. Very doable, but I have to commit the time to do the treatment. Promise to let y’all know when it’s done.

That brings us to Homemade Sin and at least the rest of this year’s shows. I’ve stated before that HMS is a working band, and we have work this fall, although I can’t be there Warner and Mauro will be, as well as Sean Savacool on bass while Micke navigates his own family/personal waters.

I’ve asked Joe Blanton my good friend, songwriting partner, fellow bandmate (the Bluefields), Homemade Sin’s engineer and producer to step in and give a hand in helping the band fulfil the dates we have on the books.

I’ll ask two favours of those wondering if this will work.

1. Give Joe a shot at being himself while doing the shit I usually do on the stage. He’s his own man but has a more than healthy respect for our/my catalogue past and present. A big thank you to everyone who has already contacted us to say that they will still be attending the shows. Please continue to let us know so we can share with the promoters. You are truly amazing.

2. Please don’t expect me to sing as on pitch as Joe does when I do come back. Ain’t gonna happen.

Support a working band so I have one when I get right again.

Thanks DB.

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Lend A Band A Hand: A Message From Homemade Sin

Dear fans,

As many of you already you know Dan is off the road for the rest of 2017 due to serious health issues. As a band, HMS are booked to play until the end of the year and we desperately want to honor those bookings, if for no other reason than to avoid disappointing you, our fans. So together with our manager Mick Brown, we’ve come up with a plan to keep the wheels on the wagon, but we need your help to make it happen. 

It goes without saying that Dan is irreplaceable, but our friend Joe Blanton (The Bluefields, Royal Court of China) has gamely agreed to step-up and be our guest frontman for the rest of 2017. Sean Savacool will also be joining the HMS ranks on bass whilst Micke takes a sabbatical to spend some much deserved time with his family. 

Although the format of the shows will still revolve around HMS and Satellites material we are going to broaden the remit a little and throw a fistful of Jason & The Scorchers classics and some new covers into the mix. Whatever this thing ends up being, you can bet your ass it’s going to be one hell of a rock ’n’ roll show.

Many of the gig promoters are friends and given the circumstances, will be prepared to take us without Dan, others will need convincing. A lot has been made about the great family bond that we, as a band have with you, our fans and how it’s the real thing. As most of you reading this are part of that family here’s how we need you to help if you possibly can – 

If you’ve already bought a ticket for a show, please don’t ask for a refund. Go see the show, have a great time, buy a t-shirt and support the band.

If you were thinking of buying a ticket for one of our future shows and have the means to do so then please buy it now. Advance ticket sales show the promoters that we have your immediate support and that we can make these shows work.

If we’re not coming to a town near you, or you are otherwise unable to get to a show but want to support us then please choose a venue on our schedule and buy a ticket anyway. It’ll help the promoters and again builds confidence in the band. That is more helpful than offers of cash donations. 

Given the circumstances, it’s inevitable that we are going to lose some shows. If you are a promoter or club owner in the USA (September) or Europe (October & November), have availability and want to help us out, then please email Mick Brownmick.jerkincrocus@gmail.com as we may have gaps we need to fill. Even if we don’t it’ll still be great to know that you are there for future tours.

As much as we’ve been blown away by generous offers of cash donations we don’t want that, we simply want to ply our craft and to continue to earn a living from playing our music. So if you’d like to help, please book a ticket to a show.

We have a brand new a CD of previously unreleased material called The Red Wristband Special which available to pre-order very soon. The CD features the complete first set from our recent show at Bootleggers in Kendal on July 26, 2017, plus four bonus studio tracks, which we are releasing as a ‘crowd funder’ to help cover any shortfalls caused by gig cancellations. Further details about the disc and how you can order it will follow shortly. 

The fan family around this band has been and continues to be amazing, so please help us hold things together whilst Dan recuperates.

Many thanks –

Warner, Mauro & Micke.

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Go VIP with the Rollercoaster SupaPass Editions

As you know SupaPass is HMS’s new online subscription service and we are excited to offer our very first SupaPass VIP editions, which are only available to from www.supapass.com. The SupaPass VIP Editions are available in the following formats –

Double Vinyl Album in Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve
CD & Double Vinyl bundle

Each SupaPass edition also includes the followings exclusive content:

  • A bonus track unavailable elsewhere,
  • Two behind the scenes videos with Dan and Warner mixing the album
  • Access to the album artwork from inception to completion


A years subscription to the HMS SupaPass channel which offers:

  • Streaming access to all of the band’s back catalogue,
  • Rarities and deletions.
  • Regular video updates from the 2017 tour
  • Exclusive live music and video

Again please note that the SupaPass Editions are only available to pre-order from www.supapass.com

SupaPass pre-orders also qualify for the free laminate and digital album offer.

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Pre-Order Rollercoaster Now!

Weighing in at 13 tracks Rollercoaster is, in our humble opinion, the most complete and varied Homemade Sin album to date. You’ll be pleased to hear that for much of the ride we’re unashamedly back in Georgia Satellite’s territory, whilst AC/DC, Tom Petty and CCR all get a musical tip-of-the-hat too.

The album will be released on the 3rd March 2017 but is available to pre-order NOW!

All orders received either through www.danbairdandhomemadesin.net or through www.supapass.com before 3rd March 2017 will receive a 320 kbps Mp3 download of the complete album (within 48 hours of our receiving your order) and a free collectors double sided Rollercoaster laminate, featuring exclusive artwork from Rob Fletcher. All orders for the CD + Double Vinyl bundle will receive two different laminates.

Rollercoaster is available in the following formats from www.danbairdandhomemadesin.net

Double Vinyl Album in Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve
CD & Double Vinyl bundle

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Homemade Sin announce new album and biggest tour to date for 2017

Dan Baird And Homemade Sin release their new album Rollercoaster on the 3rd March and follow up the release with dates in the US, Australia, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK.

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Snakecharmer announce new album and UK Tour for May

Snakecharmer return with new guitarist Simon McBride and a new album, “Second Skin” plus UK tour for May. Full tour dates on the Tour Date section.

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Garland Jeffreys to release new album and tour Europe in April

Garland Jeffreys will release his new album “14 Steps To Harlem” in April and will play dates in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden to support the release.

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Wilson Wakeman play intimate UK dates

Damien Wilson (Threshold / Headspace) and Adam Wakeman (Headspace / Ozzy Osbourne / Snakecharmer) play a short UK tour in February. Full details on the Tour Date page.


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The Black Lillies confirm first European tour

With dates in Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK and Spain, acclaimed US band The Black Lillies debut in Europe in February and March. Full dates on the Tour Dates page.

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Ian Hunter And The Rant Band confirm Summer European Tour

Ian Hunter and the Rant Band have confirmed shows in June in Sweden, Norway and the UK, with more dates to be announced.

Full details on the tour dates page.

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Ian Hunter And The Rant Band to play the Sweden Rock Festival 2017

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Dan Baird solo album for early 2017

Dan Baird’s forthcoming 12 track solo album SoLow (get it?) is available to pre-order now. Dan has been making quality records since 1985, but early 2017 sees the release of his first ever solo album, as in, an album recorded without a band. Pre-orders via www.jcplmusic.com will receive the album a month before the official release date (TBC) and an immediate link to a 320 kbps MP3 download of the album Please allow two working days for your order to be processed.

For more information and to listen to tracks head over to the store.

Listen & Pre-Order


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Dan Baird & Homemade Sin for Ramblin’ Man 2017

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin will play the Outlaw Country Stage at next summers Ramblin’ Man Fair on Friday 29th July 2017.

Tickets & More Info


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New ticket link to Homemade Sin’s Einsiedeln show.

Tickets for the show at Ziegelei, Einsiedeln CH are now available from http://www.starticket.ch


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Maas & Moody – Masonic Hall, Alva – 15th October 2016 – SOLD OUT

Alison Maas’ and Micky Moody’s new band has got off to a flying start on their first tour, with their date at the Masonic Hall, Alva on the 15th October 2016, now sold out.


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Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – Cafe Ramones, Grashoek – 21st October 2016 – SOLD OUT

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin’s only show in the Netherlands this year is now sold out.dbhms-42-eagle-sepia

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Ian Hunter & The Rant Band – Byscenen, Trondheim – 19th November 2016 – SOLD OUT

Ian Hunter and The Rant Band’s show at Byscenen, Trondheim on the 19th November is now sold out.





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Dan Baird & Homemade Sin in Burgdorf on 20/10/16

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