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A Message From Dan Baird

Gang, DB has to take the rest of the year off to remove his blood cancer (CLL). Treatment and recovery will hopefully be concluded by the new year. Can’t say for certain exactly when, but that’s the first extra broad stroke diagnosis. I want this crap gone ASAP. Very doable, but I have to commit the time to do the treatment. Promise to let y’all know when it’s done.

That brings us to Homemade Sin and at least the rest of this year’s shows. I’ve stated before that HMS is a working band, and we have work this fall, although I can’t be there Warner and Mauro will be, as well as Sean Savacool on bass while Micke navigates his own family/personal waters.

I’ve asked Joe Blanton my good friend, songwriting partner, fellow bandmate (the Bluefields), Homemade Sin’s engineer and producer to step in and give a hand in helping the band fulfil the dates we have on the books.

I’ll ask two favours of those wondering if this will work.

1. Give Joe a shot at being himself while doing the shit I usually do on the stage. He’s his own man but has a more than healthy respect for our/my catalogue past and present. A big thank you to everyone who has already contacted us to say that they will still be attending the shows. Please continue to let us know so we can share with the promoters. You are truly amazing.

2. Please don’t expect me to sing as on pitch as Joe does when I do come back. Ain’t gonna happen.

Support a working band so I have one when I get right again.

Thanks DB.

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