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Go VIP with the Rollercoaster SupaPass Editions

As you know SupaPass is HMS’s new online subscription service and we are excited to offer our very first SupaPass VIP editions, which are only available to from www.supapass.com. The SupaPass VIP Editions are available in the following formats –

Double Vinyl Album in Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve
CD & Double Vinyl bundle

Each SupaPass edition also includes the followings exclusive content:

  • A bonus track unavailable elsewhere,
  • Two behind the scenes videos with Dan and Warner mixing the album
  • Access to the album artwork from inception to completion


A years subscription to the HMS SupaPass channel which offers:

  • Streaming access to all of the band’s back catalogue,
  • Rarities and deletions.
  • Regular video updates from the 2017 tour
  • Exclusive live music and video

Again please note that the SupaPass Editions are only available to pre-order from www.supapass.com

SupaPass pre-orders also qualify for the free laminate and digital album offer.

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