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Lend A Band A Hand: A Message From Homemade Sin

Dear fans,

As many of you already you know Dan is off the road for the rest of 2017 due to serious health issues. As a band, HMS are booked to play until the end of the year and we desperately want to honor those bookings, if for no other reason than to avoid disappointing you, our fans. So together with our manager Mick Brown, we’ve come up with a plan to keep the wheels on the wagon, but we need your help to make it happen. 

It goes without saying that Dan is irreplaceable, but our friend Joe Blanton (The Bluefields, Royal Court of China) has gamely agreed to step-up and be our guest frontman for the rest of 2017. Sean Savacool will also be joining the HMS ranks on bass whilst Micke takes a sabbatical to spend some much deserved time with his family. 

Although the format of the shows will still revolve around HMS and Satellites material we are going to broaden the remit a little and throw a fistful of Jason & The Scorchers classics and some new covers into the mix. Whatever this thing ends up being, you can bet your ass it’s going to be one hell of a rock ’n’ roll show.

Many of the gig promoters are friends and given the circumstances, will be prepared to take us without Dan, others will need convincing. A lot has been made about the great family bond that we, as a band have with you, our fans and how it’s the real thing. As most of you reading this are part of that family here’s how we need you to help if you possibly can – 

If you’ve already bought a ticket for a show, please don’t ask for a refund. Go see the show, have a great time, buy a t-shirt and support the band.

If you were thinking of buying a ticket for one of our future shows and have the means to do so then please buy it now. Advance ticket sales show the promoters that we have your immediate support and that we can make these shows work.

If we’re not coming to a town near you, or you are otherwise unable to get to a show but want to support us then please choose a venue on our schedule and buy a ticket anyway. It’ll help the promoters and again builds confidence in the band. That is more helpful than offers of cash donations. 

Given the circumstances, it’s inevitable that we are going to lose some shows. If you are a promoter or club owner in the USA (September) or Europe (October & November), have availability and want to help us out, then please email Mick Brownmick.jerkincrocus@gmail.com as we may have gaps we need to fill. Even if we don’t it’ll still be great to know that you are there for future tours.

As much as we’ve been blown away by generous offers of cash donations we don’t want that, we simply want to ply our craft and to continue to earn a living from playing our music. So if you’d like to help, please book a ticket to a show.

We have a brand new a CD of previously unreleased material called The Red Wristband Special which available to pre-order very soon. The CD features the complete first set from our recent show at Bootleggers in Kendal on July 26, 2017, plus four bonus studio tracks, which we are releasing as a ‘crowd funder’ to help cover any shortfalls caused by gig cancellations. Further details about the disc and how you can order it will follow shortly. 

The fan family around this band has been and continues to be amazing, so please help us hold things together whilst Dan recuperates.

Many thanks –

Warner, Mauro & Micke.

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