Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – The Red Wristband Special (CD)


The Red Wristband Special will be ship late August.

The minimum price of the CD is £15.00 but please feel free to contribute more if you’d like to help the tour.


The Red Wristband Special 
Live at Kendal, Bootleggers, July 26, 2017 – First Set

“Through unfortunate happenstance, the second set is lost to the ether. It was great, we’re sorry too. Well, let’s just say I’d be in hospital within 24 hours of this show.  My CLL was coming like a tsunami. Jaundice already in evidence, exhaustion showing up in my voice at the end of every 2nd chorus, having the crowd sing second chorus whenever possible, leaning on Warner, Mauro and Micke so much I bet there are still dents in their shoulders, finding one more bit of energy and finishing the tune. I’ll blame that wonderful crowd and the ghost of Jonty Martindale. This show had no reason to be even this good. Yes, it’s flawed, but I may be as proud of this show as any I’ve ever done.” – db

Plus four bonus studio tracks – 

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – Way Too Soon (Rollercoaster album outtake)
Warner E. Hodges – I’m Never Alone (taken from his forthcoming new solo album)
Mauro & Briana – Falling (taken from The Four Corners Of Sweet Hell album )
Joe Blanton – That Was Now and This Is Then (previously unreleased)