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The Bluefields



An American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, The Bluefields rock and roll story might be as pure and simple as the prior statement if it weren’t for the fact that the combined band members’ resumes boast platinum record success, a Grammy nomination, an Americana Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and song authorships that have become iconic, rock and roll standards, making this band far from simple. Comprised of rock veterans, Warner E. Hodges on lead guitar and vocals (Jason and the Scorchers), Dan Baird on bass, guitars and vocals (Georgia Satellites) and Joe Blanton on lead vocals and guitar (Royal Court of China), these southern bred rockers remind you why you love rock and roll in the first damn place!

The Bluefields released their debut album “Pure” on May 15, 2012. The self-produced offering contains 13 tracks (14 really) written and rendered with the heads, hands and hearts of Hodges, Blanton and Baird in their secret hideout, The Underground Treehouse.

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